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For true music lovers!

"Poor David's Pub, Dallas' most beloved listening room"
- Mario Tarradell, music critic, Dallas Morning News

"Congratulations, David. You have helped to make Dallas a better place."
- Casey Monahan, Director, Texas Music Office, Governor's Office

What prominent musicians say about Poor David's Pub...

Bearfoot Band, October 14, 2011 - "Poor David's has the best sound system run by the best soundman producing the best sound that we have experienced to date."

Shawn Phillips, September, 2011 - "If David Card's new "Poor David's Pub" had a curtain, it would be considered a proscenium theater. Easily one of the best rooms I've ever played in almost a half century of touring."

The Subdudes - "...thanks for your support of all of us 'dudes. We all LOVE the vibe your place gives us."

Mitch Drosin- Greg Brown's Tour manager - "Just want to say what a pleasant surprise it was to be @ Poor David's Pub. I am Greg's booking agent & Tour Manager: When we arrived there a parking spot saved for us: Soundman did a great job: Greg liked his audience & the venue: We will return."

Vanessa Peters - "really enjoyed the evening at PD - great staff, great sound, great vibe --- look forward to playing there again."

Annie Fitzgerald - "What a great space you've got. I just love it."

Stan Ridgway - "Poor David's is the best sounding club I have ever played in! The sound is excellent."

Seth Walker - "Poor David's pub is my favorite place in Dallas to play, by far!"

Steve Forbert - "Poor David' location is what a music night spot should be. (The) new room features an excellent sound system in a fairly large space with good sight lines for all..including the performer. His staff has a positive and helpful really make it click! I hope to return soon!"

Noel Paul Stookey (aka Paul of Peter Paul and Mary) - " One of the most welcoming clubs I've ever played. wide open stage, great dressing room set up. MONSTER good sound for both audience AND artist. sound man Carlos has great ears.

"so obvious that the audience comes to listen... for an old folkie like me it's a great compliment to have folks hanging on your every word and oohing at every lick.

"personnel are way friendly both sides of the bar. put another Bailey's in my coffee and I'll be there again in a heartbeat."

JD Souther - "Poor David's is not a good venue, it is a GREAT venue!"

Willis Alan Ramsey - "your 'new' room is truly a remarkable listening space"

Radney Foster - "Poor David's is a great place to play! David treats you right and... Bill's is right next door!"

Keith Grimwood - (Trout Fishing In America) - "Some of the best times I've had in Dallas over the years have been at Poor David's Pub"

Rodney Crowell - " Poor David's Pub makes me feel rich"

Guy Clark - "Poor David's might be the best listening room in the country"

Sara Hickman - "Playing at Poor David's Pub is the rich sound of Carnegie Hall mixed with you and your best friends hanging out ..."

Vince Vance - "The All-New Poor David's Pub is the ultimate music emporium of Dallas. Great sound!  Big enough to feel the crowd, yet the seating makes it feel intimate!  Can't wait to return."

This is what patrons are saying about Poor David's Pub...

PDP fans since the first time Keith Harkin came and performed - "Actually we are PDP fans and come whenever we can. We first saw Chill Factor the first time they came to PDP and look forward everytime they come. This was the third or fourth time we have seen them. All at PDP. Now we are fans of Burning Sky. We will be out of town the next two weekends, but will be back for Black Dirt Tango. Hate to miss Phobe and Keith though. Keep the great shows coming."

David Teaff - " What a show last Saturday night, Burning Sky followed by Chill Factor. The house was rocking all night. Dallas doesn't know what they missed. These two bands in this venue, we never wanted it to end. Thanks for getting them to PDP."

Lauren - "Thank you for your time David, and for owning such an awesome venue (I'd rather see any performer at your place than anywhere else!) "

Wylie - "I know you have seen thousands of acts since 1977. Would you not agree Darrel Scott may be the most incredibly talented single musician to ever stand on your stage? Last night was my wife's birthday. Thanks for the beer and the show. It could not have been more special. "

Janet Jackson - "You have a great venue and your staff were so friendly...the night (of Del Castillo) was magical!" "

Michael Granberry (Music Writer, Dallas Morning News) - "I love hearing music at Poor David's."

CD Risinger - "Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a wonderful time we had at the Subdudes show recently. It was a special night as their show usually are. The vibe in the room was GREAT. We love your new place."

morganmare96 - "Thank you once again for hosting Bobby Long at your EXCELLENT venue. Professional barstaff and my handwritten ticket from Bill, and new songs from Mr. Bobby Long, it was a wonderful night ! You are a CLASS ACT. I am on the long side of forty and I never think twice about driving to Dallas from Fort Worth to go to THE PUB. Thanks again. "

Contributor January 20, 2009 - "The club has been no smoking for over a year now. Great sound and sight from any spot in the room.Called one of the best live music listening rooms in the country by Guy Clark. Once you hear a show here, all other venues rank 2nd."

Stephanie Hastings - "Poor David's Pub is, without a doubt, my favorite music venue in Dallas. Not only is the layout, size and location perfect for enjoying live music, but the staff is always magnificent. I plan to continue viewing as many shows as I can, here, as they are the ideal place to really enjoy a band and an evening."

Mike Rhyner (of The Ticket) - "I like seeing shows at Poor David's."

Jocelyn White - "Poor David's has the richest sound around!"

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